The Goal:  Provide the customer with a solution for transferring product to the basement for storage, and then up from the basement when ready to stock store shelves.  Due to the low clearance of the stairway 1st floor ceiling, we needed to ensure that all of the customer’s product would clear the lowest point of the ceiling regardless of product positioning on the conveyor belt.

The Solution:  We were able to provide the customer with a used floor to floor conveyor and reconfigure the height to ensure all customer product cleared the lowest point of the staircase 1st floor ceiling.  We also added an 8’ section of gravity skate wheel conveyor for greater ease of loading product onto and off the floor to floor conveyor belt.

  • We received a request from a customer for a floor to floor conveyor to meet their needs, but the customer requested used equipment to avoid higher costs
  • Our team was able to acquire a used conveyor from a closing retail chain location that was able to fit the staircase dimensions of the customer’s store
  • We installed the conveyor successfully with no issues, but had to use a new rough top belt, as the original belt was worn out and product would slip with degree of incline we had to use
  • Customer was satisfied with the outcome of the project

Conveyor System included these aspects: Floor to Floor Incline/Decline belt conveyor with antler guard rail, and an 8’ extension of skate wheel conveyor for easy transfer of boxes at the top of the conveyor