The Goal:  To remove the large Mezzanine at an old building and re-locate it at a new facility that better fits the customer’s need for more maneuverable, open space.

The Solution: Successfully unscrewed the wood flooring on the mezzanine and systematically deconstructed the metal flooring, steel beams, and had them palletized and shipped to the new location.  At the new location our team unloaded the trucks and re-constructed the Mezzanine at the new facility.

  • Team of 2 guys with 1 fork truck disassembled 4,000 square feet of mezzanine
  • Team successfully palletized the steel beams, metal flooring, and wood flooring
  • All the materials were transported to the new building location
  • 2 man team successfully re-built the mezzanine using the same materials that were disassembled
  • Customer was satisfied with the outcome and continues to use us for their needs