The Goal: Out customer was a fulfillment center for gift products. They needed a conveyor system to pick, transport and sort product. The customers required a simple system with manual sortation. The system also need to allow for free movement of fork trucks and pickers.

The Solution: We planned and installed a system with several dimensions. We started with three lanes of live roller conveyor merging onto three inclines. These three lanes ended at a Mezzanine ball transfer station.  From the mezzanine ball transfer station, the finished product was transferred to one of three different line shaft overhead conveyors to a gravity decline.  At the bottom of each decline, a section of flex conveyor moved product to each bay door to be loaded into trucks for shipping.  To solve the problem of pickers needing to pass through the system, we installed gate sections in each line.

  • This project came about when the customer needed to expand their operation to a larger warehouse.
  • All parts, conveyors, and equipment were shipped directly to the new warehouse. Our team unloaded all the conveyor from the trucks and began organizing the conveyors, parts and equipment.
  • Multiple reconfigurations to the conveyor were made during the install per the customer’s request to meet their needs
  • The physical conveyors were installed first, then the air lines and air equipment. Regular tests were performed to ensure proper functioning of the system during the duration of the install
  • Customer was satisfied with the completion of the project and later had us perform an additional medium scale install at the other end of the same warehouse. We continue to serve this customer’s needs to this day

Conveyor System included the following equipment: Live Roller, incline belt conveyors, 90 degree overhead curves, Overhead Live Roller, Mezzanine, Transfer Station, Air Line Supply Station, Ball Transfer Station on the Mezzanine, drive band conveyor, decline belt conveyors, and flex conveyors.