Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor (CDLR) is a common conveyor for transporting large and heavy items. It is sometimes referred to as pallet conveyor because that is its primary application. The rollers are fitted with a sprockets at the end and driven by a chain.

There are two types of CLDR, Roll to Roll and Continuous Chain.

Roll to Roll CLDR uses two sprockets on each roller. The two sprockets are connected to the adjacent rollers in a staggered patter through out the conveyor. Continuous Chain has a single sprocket per roller. It is driven by one chain that engages the top or bottom teeth of the sprockets.

Chain Driven Live Roller ConveyorsWhen choosing Chain Driven Live Roller conveyor the follow should be considered.

  • Load Type – pallets, drums, totes, boxes
  • Surface of the load
  • Weight and size of the load
  • Conveyor width
  • Curve width
  • Roller spacing and capacity
  • Frame capacity
  • Speed and volume
  • Motor Type – Braking needs – VFD capacity
  • Need for accumulation


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