Skatewheel Curve

Gravity Roller Conveyor transports product by gravity or human power. They are simple and less expensive than powered conveyor. There is two types of gravity conveyor, roller and skatewheel. Roller gravity conveyor uses straight rollers between frames. Skatewheel conveyor uses multiple wheels on an axle between frames.

Old Straight Roller Gravity

Choosing what is best for your application requires knowing the size and shape of your product. Loose items or small boxes will not transport well on skatewheel conveyor. However, skatewheel conveyor is light weight and is easily moved. Straight roller conveyor can be more durable and transport smoother than skatewheel conveyor.

Typical applications for gravity conveyor is order picking, small warehouse systems, declines on sorters, unloading trailers and before or after incline conveyors.