Here is a simple set of questions that you can go through to help troubleshoot your conveyor. Please call with questions. We are here to serve you.

6 Questions to Help Narrow Down the Issue YES NO
1 Is the Horn/Alarm on the conveyor going off?
2 Is the whole Conveyor System not working?
3 Is a single conveyor or section not working?
4 Is the E-stop pull cord switches reset?
5 Does the main control panel have power?
6 Is the air compressor working and on?


5 Checks if Your Conveyor is NOT Working YES NO
1 Check pull cord switches have not been pulled
2 Check any E-Stop buttons have not been pressed
3 Check the Photo Eyes Alignment
Move hand across eye, if color changes, then eye is working and aligned.
4 Check Panel for Tripped Overload Switches
Resetting any tripped overload switch is
a temporary fix and may trip again. If so, then a major failure has occurred.
5 Has there been an accident involving equipment contacting the conveyor?
This could have caused a break in the control wires and a loss of function.