Mechanical Inspection

Mechanical inspection is based on the type of conveyor. If you are not familiar with different types of conveyors, call us and we can talk you through your system.

Typical Preventative Maintenance will include the following:

  1. Observe the system while running. Look and Listen for issues.
    1. Bearings – squeaking, jumping, knocking, dry, rusty
    2. Rollers – missing, not rolling, clinking noise
    3. Belt – tears, frayed edges, damaged lacing. worn surface, miss tracking
    4. V-belts- squeaking, frayed, twisted, missing, rubbing, debris
    5. Air-leaks – hissing, cracked/broken lines, fitting, filters.
    6. Damage to frames, supports and guardrails.
    7. Drive bands – missing, damaged, worn
  2. Drive Inspection
    1. Listen for squeaks, rattles, grinding and thumping.
    2. Check motor and gears for over-temperature
    3. Check Drip pans – oil in the pan indicates leak that requires further investigation.
    4. Bolts and covers for dents and damage
    5. Drive Chain and sprockets lubrication, wear and stretch.
    6. Chain tension
    7. Electrical connections
  3. Bearings
    1. Listen for noise on End pulleys, Drive Pulleys, Sheeves
    2. Check for tightness
    3. Lubricate as necessary
  4. Safety equipment


Conveyor Mechanical Preventative Maintenance is an important part of your safety program. Conveyors are machines and must be used and maintained correctly. This list is not comprehensive but a part of our mechanical conveyor safety preventative maintenance plan.

  1. Guarding – all moving parts should be guarded from accidental contact that could cause injury. Types of guarding include
    1. Bottom Covers
    2. Chain Guards
    3. Netting
  2. Guard Rails for keeping product on the conveyor
  3. Pop-out Rollers – used to prevent pinch point on conveyors.
  4. Emergency Stop – cords, switches, free of obstructions.
  5. Drip Pans – oils spills can cause falls and drip pans should be used to prevent gear reducers and other components from dripping
  6. Overhead conveyor – supports, guard rails, netting, etc. need to keep product safely moving without injury.